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Breast cancer symptoms

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  • 22 Feb 2021

'I’ve noticed a slight change in the shape of my nipple, I’m sure its nothing but I thought it best to check with you’...


Four weeks ago I saw a 36 year old lady who presented to me with a change in the shape of her nipple. She regularly examines her breasts in the shower and noticed the difference. She had no family history of breast cancer. When I examined her, the left nipple was slightly pulled in compared with the right. I referred her to the cancer breast clinic and she was diagnosed with early breast cancer. 


We all know that a breast lump/ swelling is an important symptom to see your GP for, but there are other breast symptoms that are equally as important but sometimes less well known. Other things that can indicate breast cancer are:


  • Persistent one sided breast pain, lasting longer than one menstrual cycle
  • Liquid coming out from your nipple, especially if one sided
  • Change in the contour of the skin around the breast e.g. dimpling of the skin
  • Redness/flaking of the skin around the nipple, again, especially if one sided. 


It is important to regularly examine your breasts, whether in the shower or lying in bed, to know what ‘normal’ for you feels like. This way, if there is any change, you are more likely to pick it up early. 


Screening saves lives. Measure Health is a cancer-screening service in North London. 

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