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Prevention is better than cure

Health screening helps to identify if you are at risk of, or have a disease or condition that was not previously known about; if something significant is found, it is often easier to treat or indeed cure a condition in its early stages.

Prevention is better than cure and we can discuss all aspects of your health and lifestyle to optimise your wellbeing and lower your health risks.

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Wellman Screening Wellman Screening


30 minute GP-led consultation reviewing your medical history, full physical examination, extensive bloods, ECG and urine analysis.

Wellwoman Screening Wellwoman Screening


30 minute GP-led consultation reviewing your medical history, full physical examination, extensive bloods, ECG and urine analysis.

Elite Wellbeing Screening Elite Wellbeing Screening


One hour deep dive, including Full-Body MRI scan at the world renowned Paul Strickland Scanner Centre.

Over 70s Health Check Over 70's Health Check


60 min face to face consultation with GP who specialises in older people


Frequently Asked Questions

The Wellman and Wellwoman Screen takes approximately 30minutes for the initial consultation and physical examination, followed by the blood tests and ECG. The Elite Wellbeing Screen takes abouts an hour followed by bloods and ECG. The Over. 70’s check takes 60-90 minutes. 

Yes – the clinician who carries out your health assessment will explain each test as they go. If you do not want to have the test, you can decline it.

You do not need to fast for any of the blood tests/investigations

It is advised that you wear comfortable and flexible clothing (loose top/tracksuit/shorts) and trainers as you may be required to complete some form of exercise during your assessment.

Absolutely, you can bring anyone you would like to bring into the assessment room with you.

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